Pioneer Rekordbox DJ system XDJ-RX all in one Player for Home DJ

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Pioneer Rekordbox DJ system XDJ-RX all in one Player for Home DJ

The 7-inch, full color LCD screen displays information about both players simultaneously for intuitive alignment of beat grids and a visual reference to what features are in play.

The XDJ-RX integrates two USB-driven players and a 2-channel mixer, with build quality and performance features inherited from the club-standard Pioneer DJ Nexus set-up.

The XDJ-RX’s four studio quality Sound Color FX are inherited directly from the DJM-900NXS and feature a Lo/Hi Pass control for both channels: NOISE, GATE/COMP, CRUSH and FILTER. It also features eight of the most popular Beat FX and an improved wet/dry dial for even better control: DELAY, ECHO, SPIRAL, REVERB, FLANGER, PITCH, ROLL and TRANS.

The all-in-one XDJ-RX is designed to breath life into tracks prepared in rekordbox or on the rekordbox app on an iPhone, iPod touch or Android smartphone. DJs simply plug in their rekordbox USB or connect their iOS/Android device (wired connection only) to load tracks directly to the XDJ-RX. Preparing tracks in rekordbox gives DJs access to a multitude of performance features including:
・ Loops and Cues: pre-set loops and cues can be triggered instantly
・ Beat Countdown: counts DJs down to cues from up to 64 bars away.
・ Key Analysis Indicator: a traffic light system in the browser shows which tracks are in a compatible musical key with the master deck.
・ Active Loop: an automatic loop at the end of tracks ensures DJs are never caught unprepared again.

The XDJ-RX can be connected to additional CDJs or turntables using the switchable Line/Phone input and used as a stand alone mixer. It also features a LAN port, two Mic inputs, and two Master outputs and a booth input – making it a versatile solution for any set up.

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