Sony BCT-D32 32 Minutes Digital Betacam Video Cassette

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The Sony BCT-D32 Digital Betacam Video Cassette is a 1/2" metal tape made for Digital Betacam equipment. It brings out the full potential of 1/2" digital ENG/EFP, post production and transmission, in terms of high output, durability, and long-term archive capability. The superb multi-generation recording characteristics of this tape and compatible recorders have led to the format becoming the de-facto global mastering format in standard definition digital production. The tape is supplied in a plastic album case.

This digital Betacam video cassette has 32 minutes of recording time.

Digital Betacam 1/2" video cassette with 32 minutes of recording time supplied in an album case Ultra-fine magnetic particles for high output Specially developed lubricant increases head contact and reduces headwear Designed for long-term playback reliability Low-shrinkage for archival stability

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