Sennheiser Multi-platform Gaming Headset U-320

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Multi-Platform Gaming Headset

U 320

Whether you’re gaming on your PC, Mac, Xbox 360®, Xbox One®, PS3® or PS4® this multi-platform gaming headset ensures that you’ll have Sennheiser’s trademark superb sound across the board. Bring the game to life with punchy bass boosts that make car crashes and explosions more realistic than ever.

Overview of the U 320 Gaming Headset

A headful of thrills

If you game on more than one device or just want the perfect overall gaming headset, then the Sennheiser U 320 is the ideal choice. Because it’s multi-platform, you get great audio whether you’re gaming on your PC, MAC, Xbox® or PS3®. For optimum comfort, CircleFlex™ ear cups ensure the ear pads adjust automatically to your head. An open acoustic design allows built-up heat to escape, keeping your head cool while gaming.

Bring the game to life

The U 320 has Sennheiser’s trademark superb sound. You get two volume controls – one for the game audio, one for other players – and a super-clear microphone to take your gaming communication to a new level. Plus, a punchy bass boost makes those roaring engines, car crashes and explosions even more realistic

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