LINKX TG-101-20/1 eTour TG-101 Digital UHF Two Way Tour Guide System

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Linkx Electronics launches new eTour 2-way tour guide system TG-101, a full duplex instant two-way communication device. This upgraded and practical tour guide system features absolutely flexible and reliable transmission. When transmitter activates the two-way communication function, it allows receivers to have conversation within the group. It is an essential solution for tour guide as well as group guide application


TG-101 displays channel number, volume level, battery meter and other useful operational parameters on the LCD screen. The easy to use tour guide system is also very compact and light in weight which makes it comfortable to wear for user in the field. It supports more than 15 hours continuous operation using the built-in lithium polymer battery.


The internal charging circuit along with universal Micro-USB socket offers convenient charger solution when it needs charge. It typically takes 6 hrs to reach full charge from empty battery.


  • Crystal clear audio and instant two-way communications with negligible latency
  • Full duplex interactive communication which allows simultaneous transmission and reception
  • Increase participation – Receiver can make speech and feedback to the others
  • Transmitter accepts external multimedia and wireless transmits to the receivers
  • Extremely compact and light weight – 34g
  • 20hr+ of long continuous operation time
  • Eco + Energy saving – Receiver will power off automatically if no signal is received for 20 mins
  • Synchronization – Receiver will follow if transmitter changes channel
  • system Consists of: 1 x Digital UHF Duplex 2 Ways tour guide transmitter
                                          c/w: 1 x LMR-12 lapel mic
                                          c/w: Li-600 Internal rechargeable Li-polymer battery
                                          c/w: 1X LY-01R Lanyard
  •                                20 x TG-101R Digital UHF Duplex 2Digital UHF tour guide receiver
                                           c/w 1 x EP-01earphone
                                          c/w Li-600 Internal rechargeable Li-polymer battery
                                          c/w 1 X LY-01B Lanyard
  •                                  1 x 35 slots eTour Charger with carrying case

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