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Beskara 5000 Series Karaoke System
Beskara 5000 with LA-5000 300 watts (150 watts x 2 , 8ohms) power output, built-in 13 steps key control for entry level karaoke enthusiasm. with SA-5000, 3 ways 3 speaker, 450 watts output Bass Reflex speaker system, 10" subwoofer and 2 x8 cm Tweeter could produce an extra-ordinary sound output that will made you sing all day long.   ..
S$ 1,068.93
Ex Tax: S$ 999.00
BIK BA-77 350 Watts x 2 Channels Karaoke Mixer Amplifier
BIK BA-77 KARAOKE POWER AMPLIFIER Max Rated Output Power: 350W + 350W (8ohms)  Music Frequency Response: 20Hz – 25KHz  Mic Frequency Response: 20Hz – 30KHz  Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.08%  Music Tone Control: Treble: +10dB (10KHz)  Bass: +10dB (100Hz)  Mic Tone Control: Bass: +5dB (100Hz)  Mid: +5dB (2KHz)  Treble: +5dB (10KHz)  Key Control: 11 Steps +/- 2 pitch  F.B. EX. (mic howling): 3 modes (small, mid, large room)  Music..
S$ 1,690.60
Ex Tax: S$ 1,580.00
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BMB DAX-1000 200watts x 4 Karaoke  Amplifier
DAX-1000 (SE) II1000 BMB DIGITAL ECHO AMPLIFIER > High Power 4 Channel AV Amplifier > Digital Stereo Echo > Anti-Feedback Feature > Remote Control > Maximum Output Power : 200W x 4 CH > Key Control: 13-StepStepStepStep > Microphone Input : 5 Systems (Front 3, Rear 2) > Dimensions (mm) : 420(W) x 159(H) 415(D) BMB DAX-1000 Digital Karaoke Amplifier     ..
S$ 1,872.50
Ex Tax: S$ 1,750.00
BMB DAX-1000 800 Watts Karaoke System
BMB DAX-1000 Digital echo Karaoke system ideal for home entertainment, Club House, Karaoke room. System consist of BMB DAX-1000 II with 800 watts music output power (200 watts x 4), with BMB CSX-1000, 12" Bass reflex Subwoofer produce fine low frequency, 2 x 8cm tweeter and 2 x8 cm squewker take care of the high frenquency, CSX-1000 could handle up to 700 watts input power. ..
S$ 3,957.93
Ex Tax: S$ 3,699.00