BIK BA-77 350 Watts x 2 Channels Karaoke Mixer Amplifier

Brand: BIK
Product Code: BA-77
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Max Rated Output Power: 350W + 350W (8ohms)
 Music Frequency Response: 20Hz – 25KHz
 Mic Frequency Response: 20Hz – 30KHz
 Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.08%
 Music Tone Control: Treble: +10dB (10KHz)
 Bass: +10dB (100Hz)
 Mic Tone Control: Bass: +5dB (100Hz)
 Mid: +5dB (2KHz)
 Treble: +5dB (10KHz)
 Key Control: 11 Steps +/- 2 pitch
 F.B. EX. (mic howling): 3 modes (small, mid, large room)
 Music Input: 3 (VOD, BGM, MIX)
 Video input / Output: 2 input (BGM, AUX), 1 output (monitor)
 Max Music / Mic Volume setting: Yes
 Sub-Woofer output: Yes
 Remote Controller: Yes
 Power Consumption: 1000W
 Dimensions: 435 x 145 x 353 mm
 Weight: 12.4 kg

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