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Sound is the secret to increasing your audience.

This USB audio interface is designed for personal broadcasting with audio effects This advanced model allows the simultaneous use of two mics and has switchable modes that support personal broadcasting and production applications.

The new TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO series of audio interfaces for personal broadcasting has been developed to enable anyone to broadcast their programs to the world.

If you have been involved in personal broadcasting, there is one thing that you have probably thought about in particular. You have probably wondered how you can gain more audience members.
The TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO series of audio interfaces enable "audio performance" techniques that can make programs more interesting in order to grow your audience.

Broadcasters call pre-recorded clapping, cheering and other sounds "PON." The TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO series has a "PON" function that allows you to add such sounds simply by pressing buttons. In addition, voice effects and reverb allow you to alter the voices of moderators and guests. By changing voices with a single action, you can raise the level of excitement of a program.

Audio quality is another important aspect of audio performance. Providing your audience with sound that is easy to follow is also a way to make them feel more welcome. The TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO series has high-quality audio circuits inherited from music creation devices, so you can capture clear sound just by connecting a mic.

Since this is equipment that you will operate while broadcasting, ease-of-use is also important. We designed a new user interface focused on ease-of-use during personal broadcasting. Through joint development with Dwango Co., Ltd., we zoomed in on what is necessary for personal broadcasting, and designed these units with as few controls as possible so that they can be used intuitively even by people who are not knowledgeable about audio equipment. The dedicated software also has an EASY page that anyone can use and an EXPERT page for advanced users.

With just the MiNiSTUDIO PERSONAL, which is the entry-level model, users can easily enjoy high-quality personal broadcasting. Since this model has a built-in condenser mic, no external mic needs to be purchased. If you have wanted to try personal broadcasting, you will be able to do so quickly with this.

The MiNiSTUDIO CREATOR, which is the more advanced model, also supports audio and video production. Changing the mode automatically changes signal routing. The loopback function is always on in BROADCAST mode, but it is turned off in CREATOR mode.

Sound is one key to increasing your audience.
Sound should suit the development of the program and voices should be easy to understand. This can be achieved with a single MiNiSTUDIO unit.
Use a MiNiSTUDIO to make your own unique programs.

From your room to the world, broadcast your own programs live over the Internet!

Personal broadcasting services have grown in popularity, and anyone can now distribute their own programs to the world. If you have a computer, just connect a MiNiSTUDIO PERSONAL and you are ready to go. Use the high-quality built-in mic and broadcast programs about your unique interests, including actual gameplay or animations that you have created.

Add audio effects to raise the level of your programs. Increase your fans!

Even with personal broadcasting, audiences become bored with just streamed video and audio. Skillful use of sound and video is necessary to raise the professionalism of your programs and increase your fans. With a MiNiSTUDIO CREATOR, you can both achieve sound with high clarity and use special sound effects. The PON trigger function can be used to play clapping and cheering like on a TV program, and the voice effects can also be used to entertain the audience.

Invite a guest and use two mics for a serious talk show.

The appearance of guests is standard on popular programs. On talk shows that invite guests, you can use separate condenser mics for the host and the guest and provide clear sound to the audience. Using the built-in voice effects and audio adjustment functions, you can make different settings for each person to make the quality level of your program even higher.

Connect an instrument and a vocal mic at the same time. Broadcast your own singing and playing!

Personal broadcasting of instrument performances and individual singing are also popular contents on the Internet. You can connect a guitar and mic to a MiNiSTUDIO CREATOR, apply a reverb effect and start broadcasting right away. Learn to use the built-in equalizer and compressor for high-quality audio that is like the work of a pro. You can also connect an iPod to the external input jack and sing along with existing recordings. Increasing the number of fans that come to your in-person live performances is not a dream if your online content becomes popular when you respond to audience requests.

When you need new material, leave your room and broadcast from somewhere else!

When you need material for your next program, hang the MiNiSTUDIO around your neck and head to the world outside. Sit on a bench, open your computer and connect to the Internet. Just connect the MiNiSTUDIO by USB and you are ready. Since iPhone connection is also supported, you can put together a mobile broadcasting system that is even more compact.

Use high-quality audio when creating original videos for video sharing sites.

Sound presentation is important not only for personal broadcasting, but also when creating video. Switching to the CREATOR mode automatically changes settings to ready the unit for use in creative work. Sound from vocals and instruments passes through audio circuits inherited from professional equipment, so you can achieve convincing high-quality audio just by connecting mics and instruments to the unit. Connect monitor speakers to check your recordings and get started making original music and audio tracks for videos.


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