Sennheiser HD-335S Stereo Headphone

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HD 335s

Enjoy pure sound and easy calls on the move with the over-ear Sennheiser HD335s. Deep bass and wearing comfort is in focus. Fits all smartphone and tablet brands.


Experience pure sound with deep bass and outstanding wearing comfort with Sennheiser’s HD 335s headset for smartphones and tablets.
 The HD 335s enables you to take calls in between listening sessions of your favorite music tracks or enjoy mobile gaming.
 The closed on-ear headphone design provides an outstanding cancelation of ambient noise – while an integrated hinge on the right ear-cup allows you to flip it up and talk to people around you.
 The volume control is embedded in the ear-cup while calls and song tracks can be managed right from the in-line remote.
 The Sennheiser HD 335s headset is compatible with all major smartphone and tablet brands like Apple iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, etc.


Pure Sound - smooth audio reproduction with deep bass

Easy Calls – in-line remote control with integrated microphone makes it easy to take/end calls

Fits All – compatible with virtually all major smartphone and tablet brands, e.g. Apple iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, etc.*

Flexibility – flip up the right ear-cup to talk to people around you

Blocks Outside Noise – due to the closed over-the-ear headphone design

Easy Volume Control – change volume level on the ear-cup via the embedded volume dial

Easy Music Control – the in-line remote enables you to easily play/pause music* and change track*

Freedom of Movement - single-sided cable reduces tangling

Adapter – required for compatibility with selected Nokia and Sony Smartphones

Peace of Mind – two-year international warranty



* Functions are phone dependent. Compatibility and functioning list can be checked on or by scanning the QR code on the packaging.

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