Sennheiser PC-350 Gaming Headset

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Gaming Headset for PC, Mac, PS4 & Xbox One

PC 360

The preferred headset for professional gamers throughout the world. German-engineered speaker technology and a top-notch noise-cancelling microphone deliver outstanding hi-fi performance that let you focus on the game, not your headset.

High-end, around-the-ear headset

Sennheiser’s “Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement” technology gives outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity


XXL velvet ear pads and a cushioned headband ensure maximum gaming comfort – even on the longest sessions

Innovative design

Audio signals are channeled directly into your ears, while the pro noise-canceling microphone reduces ambient noise for crystal-clear conversations

Open design

Ear cups lets in fresh air to keep your head cool


Overview of the PC 360 Gaming Headset

The preferred headset

We’ve spared no expense in developing this gaming headset. Perhaps that’s why the PC 360 is a preferred headset for uncompromising gamers throughout the world.

The finer things in life

German-engineered speaker technology and a top-notch noise-canceling microphone deliver outstanding hi-fi performance. The PC 360 features Sennheiser’s unique “Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement” design. Specifically developed for high-end hi-fi headsets, EAR technology channels audio signals directly into your ears. But it’s the open acoustics and intuitive controls that will really get your pulse racing. The PC 360 is an open-designed stereo headset, which means that air can pass in and out of the ear cups to ensure that you sweat less during the game.

For gaming professionals

Most headsets have the volume control far down on the cable. The PC 360 has a built-in volume dial on the right ear cup, making controlling the sound much more intuitive. Because in the heat of the game, isn’t the volume button the last thing you want to look for?

Intelligent systems

The PC 360 also comes equipped with our best gaming microphone to date. Featuring top-quality noise cancelation, it’s also fully flexible so you decide where it should sit and how close to your mouth you want it to be. Plus, the handy automatic microphone mute is activated simply by raising the boom arm.

Treat yourself

The PC 360 is made for serious gamers who value professional sound, comfort and features. Its top quality design, sound and features can help speed up your reaction time, letting you focus on the game, not your headset.

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