Marshall Electronics V-MD72-3GSDI Dual 7" 3RU High Resolution LCD Rack Mount Monitor with 3G-SDI Modules and Loop-Through

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Marshall Electronics proudly presents the MD series of rack mount monitors that offer a flexible modular solution to system integration. These rack-mountable monitors can be configured with a variety of video inputs that can be "swapped" or interchanged in the field based on your evolving needs and requirements. This eliminates the need to upgrade or replace equipment when a different input or application is required. This "future proof" solution provides flexibility and reassurance when necessary, especially in multi-monitor rack mount units. 

The V-MD72-3GSDI offers two 800 x 480 LED-backlit LCDs in one single configuration, along with excellent viewing angles. The V-MD72-3GSDI feature list includes Status Display, False Color Filter, IMD (In-Monitor Display), Network Control, Markers, Freeze Function, Color Temperature Presets, RGB Gain / Bias Adjust, Pixel-to-Pixel, Blue Gun, Hard Tally, user-definable function buttons, and more. A variety of modules will become available including the availability of HDMI with loop-through, Fiber-Optic input/output modules, and more. 

Marshall's MD monitors integrate Telecast Fiber System's TeleCubeā„¢ Fiber-Optic HD-SDI transmission input/output modules. These fiber modules deliver the industry's broadest range of digital rates while maintaining pristine signal quality that broadcasters and integrators demand.



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