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Blackmagicdesign ATEM Camera Converter
  Get everything you need for cameras in live production with a single converter! Connect your camera‚Äôs SDI or HDMI outputs for conversion to optical fiber, while your switcher program feed can be fed back via optical fiber for camera monitoring. ATEM Camera Converter includes an internal battery, talkback, tally, and microphone inputs! ..
S$ 872.05
Ex Tax: S$ 815.00
Blackmagicdesign ATEM Studio Converter
ATEM Studio Converter is the ideal partner for the ATEM Camera Converter. Connect up to four Camera Converters via optical fiber up to 28 miles away with bi-directional video plus tally and talkback! Connect your ATEM switcher program output to the ATEM Studio Converter and this is distributed to the four Camera Converters. Multiple Studio converters can be cascaded together when more than 4 cameras are needed. ..
S$ 904.15
Ex Tax: S$ 845.00
blackmagicdesign Ultrastudio Mini  Recorder
UltraStudio Mini Recorder Ultra small pocket sized Thunderbolt powered recording from SDI and HDMI.UltraStudio Mini models are ideal when space is tight and you require only capture or playback. UltraStudio Mini Recorder features 1.5G-SDI and HDMI input and UltraStudio Mini Monitor features 1.5G-SDI and HDMI outputs. ..
S$ 223.63
Ex Tax: S$ 209.00