Roland Edirol LVS-400 Professional 4 channel Video Mixer

Brand: Roland
Product Code: LVS-400
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LVS-400: Professional Four-Channel Video Mixer

Simple, straightforward operation for all your mixing requirements.


Now it is even easier to get professional video results in your event-center with the LVS-400. This compact, simply-operated 4 channel video switcher is so easy to use, that even without any previous video experience, you can create very professional video transition and key effects for a professional video performance. Ideally suited for installations, the LVS-400 offers both BNC and S-Video inputs & outputs. It includes 17 back-lit buttons for easy control in low-light environments, a T-Bar for manual transitions, a time control for button-controlled transitions, & two effect control knobs. You can easily cut from source to source, simply by pressing the button of the input you want. You can preview these sources on your preview monitor output before you send it to your main out. You can use two different wipes or a dissolve taking up to 4 seconds to finish a transition. You also have an output on/off option to fade to black when not in use while you prepare your next shot in your preview monitor.
The LVS-400 is incredible. It is incredibly powerful, incredibly easy to use, and offers incredibly clean video throughput. If it is time to offer clean video to your events, the LVS-400 is the most effective addition you can consider. The LVS-400 is a part of the Roland SD video mixer line. See the SD Mixer Comparison.
•Easy to operate User Interface for mixing Video Sources.
•Back-lit Buttons for easy operation in low-light.
•BNC connectors for firmly locking cable connections.
•High-quality and stable video image.
•Digital processing for impressive image quality & two individual frame synchronizers.
•Picture In Picture & Key functions for super-imposing one video source on another T-Bar for manual control of video Mixing.

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