Sennheiser MKH-8040 Stereo Cardioid Professional Studio Wired Microphone

Brand: Sennheiser
Product Code: MKH-8040
Availability: In Stock

Due to its cardioid pick-up pattern the MKH 8040 is perfectly suitable for a wide range of applications. It features a balanced frequency response throughout the whole pick-up pattern, as well as a significantly reduced pick-up of rear sound without depriving it of its natural timbre: Very valuable talents when used in rooms with poor acoustics or when disturbing sounds impinge mainly from the rear.


Cardioid pick-up pattern

Modular Design

Wide frequency response: 30 – 50,000 Hz

Extremely low distortion

Extremely low inherent self-noise

Balanced frequency response within the pick-up pattern

Very even directional diagram

Non-reflective Nextel® coating

Ideal as a spot microphone and for surround recordings

Timbrally identical with the other 8000-series microphones for optimum aural compatibility


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